The Truth About Modern Familias

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“Family” is the cornerstone to unlocking Hispanic culture in marketing. Yet there are very few quantitative studies out there that dissect exactly what family means and how culture is passed down within today’s modern familias. So we did!

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Family Structures

No matter the type of family, what all Latino parents share is the double duty of learning to parent while also striving to pass down culture to their kids.

The diverse families we talked to:

Hispanic Spouse
Non-Hispanic Spouse
Mixed race spouse
Living with partner

say it’s extremely or very important to pass on culture to their children

say it’s not very easy

Truth 2/12

Cultural Influence

Passing down culture isn’t always easy, which is why Latino parents are open to influence from almost everyone and everywhere, from people, to pop culture, to brands.

How much influence do the following people have on how you parent?
(the most, a lot, or some influence)

Select how influential each one is on how you pass on Hispanic/Latino culture to your child(ren).

Truth 3/12

Cultural Evolution

Younger parents are challenging long-held beliefs and expectations around gender, signaling a monumental shift in a traditionally machista culture.

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
(Top 2 box, strongly or somewhat agree)

Truth 4/12

Gender Roles

In the past, chores were largely separated by traditional gender norms, but today’s Latino parents are spearheading a new paradigm of sharing more equally in household responsibilities.

Truth 5/12

Role of Papi

As gender roles equalize, Latino dads are becoming more involved in their kids’ physical, mental and even emotional upbringing. This, in turn, allows them to be more engaged parents, creating stronger relationships.

Truth 6/12

Role of Mami

While Latino dads are finding their place in the home, it’s Mami who is more likely to push for evolving gender roles as she finds her place as an empowered Latina outside the home.

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
(Top 2 box, strongly or somewhat agree)

Truth 7/12

Boys and Girls

While Papi is becoming more involved with childcare and Mami is pushing for more equalized parenting roles, it’s clear they don’t yet agree on how gender evolution translates to their kids.

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?
(Top 2 box, strongly or somewhat agree)

Truth 8/12

Confronting Taboos

Parents are confronting long-held customs and taboo topics with more open mindedness, most notably when it comes to emotional vulnerability and their children’s independence.

Truth 9/12

Family Values

It’s well known that Latinos’ first priority is family, but that bond becomes crystal clear when you see the many ways they engage and that they want even more!

Truth 10/12

Media Engagement

For Latino families, media continues to be a key tool to connect, and now they’ve taken that same perspective into digital content as a way for them to bond even closer together.

Who in your home do you usually watch/listen to the following types of content with?

Which activities do you engage in with your kids?

How do you usually feel about watching TV with your children in the room?

Truth 11/12

Traditions & Representation

Not only are holidays and traditions still relevant to Latinos, but their hunger for authentic representation gives marketers a clear green light to engage.

Which of the following traditions are relevant to your family?

If you saw each of the following cultural traditions authentically reflected in advertising from a brand, which best describes how you would feel?
(Top 2 box, ‘I would love it’ or ‘I would like it’)

Truth 12/12


Previous generations were taught to keep their culture en la casa. But we’ve reached a new era. Today’s younger generations are fully embracing their culture, ready to share it out en la calle.

For each one of these, think about if this is something your child(ren) are more embracing (they feel proud of/enjoy it) or more rejecting (they don’t show much/any interest in it).

4 out of 5 parents feel no negativity at all with how their children are embracing the culture

The Truth About Modern Familias

We’ve reached the end of our Truths, but the conversation is only just beginning.

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